About Parents' Day

Parents’ Day Joint Resolution in Congress

In 1994, Congress unanimously passed “The Parents’ Day Resolution” establishing the fourth Sunday of July as a perennial day of commemoration.

Bipartisan legislation to establish Parents’ Day was filed in the House in August 1994 by Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican, and Rep. Floyd H. Flake, New York Democrat, and 16 other original cosponsors.

The measure, which eventually had 223 cosponsors, passed the House on Sept. 30 and passed the Senate on Oct. 4. President Bill Clinton signed the measure — now Public Law No:103-362 — on Oct. 14, 1994.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) chaired the meeting in which Mother Moon called for a new national holiday called Parents' Day.

Parents' Day 2019:

The Washington Times - Arbor Ballroom

July 24, 2019

Parents' Day Awardees:

Representative Bob & Mrs. Utu McDermott

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Congressman Dan Burton, Representative Bob McDermott, Mrs. Utu McDermott, Congressman Todd Tiahart

Parents' Day Awardees:

Major General Tom Mullikan & Virginia Mullikan

U.S. Senator Tim Scott  (R-SC) and Representative Terry Alexander (D-SC) with Times Chair Tom McDevitt, UPF President Dr. Michael Jenkins, and UPF Midwest Mr. Bruce Sutchar

Local Parents' Day Programs around the Nation

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Seattle, Washington

Pasadena, California at Pasadena City Hall